HT HP Motors and Generators

High Temperature and Pressure

WITTENSTEIN cyber motor develops and produces miniature servo motors and miniature drive systems with maximum power density for demanding applications. Our expertise lies in the area of specialized motors for ultra-high vacuums, radioactive environments and high temperature ranges.

Motors and Generators

Subsea Servo Motors for the Oil and Gas Industry

SAFETY - RELIABILITY - COMPETENCE High-speed meets deep diving – The drive, which operates in compressed oil, functions at a depth of 3,000 meters, and over a service life of 25 years. We offer flexible solutions for extreme environments.

Motors for Radiation Environments

RELIABLE - PRECISE - EFFICIENT The brushless servo motors for radiation environment provide outstanding reliability and precision. Featuring a high-grade stainless steel housing and specialized materials, they excel in high total absorbed radiation doses up to 10 MGy and ambient temperatures up to 200°C.

Explosion Proof Motors

RELIABLE - SAFE - EFFICIENT The brushless servo motors for explosive atmosphere provide outstanding reliability and safety. Featuring a strengthened stainless steel housing and by consideration of special design criteria, they reach certifications like ATEX or NEC505.

High Temperature Motors

RELIABLE - LONG LIFE - EFFICIENT The brushless servo motors for high temperature environments provide outstanding reliability and long lifetime while providing highest efficiency. They withstand ambient temperatures up to 260°C and pressures up to 2'100 bar next to extreme shock resistance.

Linear Actuators

RELIABLE - COMPACT - PRECISE cyber® force motors integrate the ball or planetary screw directly into the motor for a uniquely compact package with flexible mounting. The resulting linear force assembly is reliable, durable and precise. Based on a clever design the dynamic is extremely high.

Power Motors for Clean Room Environment

RELIABLE - CLEAN - EFFICIENT The brushless servo motors for vacuum environment provide outstanding reliability, absence of particles and low outgassing. Featuring a high-grade stainless steel housing and specialized materials, they excel in clean room up to ISO14644-1 class 1.

  1. More About Wittenstein


    Core Competencies

    Project management

    • Feasibility studies for complex motion tasks
    • Defined product development process supported by professional project managers
    • Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001

    From standard industrial applications to extreme environments

    • High or Low temperatures
    • Radioactivity
    • Vacuum
    • High Pressure
    • Explosive atmosphere

    Testing, approval and certification


    Quality and Reliability

    Wittenstein motors are produced to the highest quality standards—recognized by the TUV certification and ISO 9001 processes.

    Worldwide Service and Support

    Supported by worldwide sales, a service network and a commitment to being a world-class global partner. Wittenstein Cyber Motor provides fast uncomplicated service, including:

    1. Professional know-how covering every aspect of the products – from consulting through planning and commissioning to after-sales service
    2. Availability around the clock and prompt field service if necessary
    3. Product-related and cross-product training for customer employees