Drilling - LWD/MWD - Wireline - Coil tubing - Completion
    Brushless Motors - Alternators - Linear Actuators - Rotary Actuators
    Telemetry - Power Supplies - Motor Controllers - I/O & Processing Boards - Sensors

High Pressure Environments

High Temperature Environments

Constant Shocks and Vibrations

Limited footprints

Hazardous Environments Applications




6 Reasons to Choose Precitech

  1. In depth understanding of the applications and systems design

    Over 15 years of industry’s experience in Europe and North America.

  2. Reliable products and proven technologies

    Proven technologies and products from world class partners

  3. Reduced Time to Market

    Our solutions draw from proven technology ” building blocks” to tailor customers solutions. We can assist in all projects phases: Simulation, Design, Prototyping, Tests and Qualifications, Production and Service

  4. Lower Cap and Op Expenditures

    Our industry experience allows us to offer an extensive “off the shelves” range of products. Readily available, those products also save on development costs. When production customization or designs are unavoidable, we draw from our extensive library of existing designs and technology “building blocks” to meet budgets constraints.

  5. Approved vendor status with major oil service companies

    Serving major companies worldwide — from offices in Houston, TX and Washington, DC

  6. Industry certified products: DIN EN ISO 9001, TÜV, CE, UL, ATEX, IECEx

    Industry globally recognized standards